Coming Soon: The Center for Future Planning

About the Center for Future Planning
There are an estimated 600,000-700,000 families in the United States in which adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) are living with aging family members, and there is no plan in place for the individual’s future. The Arc is launching the Center for Future Planning to encourage and support families to create person-centered future plans.

The Center will provide practical assistance and resources on future planning items such as assisting the individual with daily and major life decision-making; housing and residential options and supports; financial planning; special needs trusts; and personal care and daily living supports. We want to empower families and individuals with I/DD and give them the tools they need to plan for the next chapter in life.

For More Information
For information about support for future planning where you live, visit our Find A Chapter page and check with your state or local chapter for resources and support in your area.

Please visit our pooled special needs trusts page to learn more about chapters of The Arc that participate in or operate a pooled special needs trust.

We want to hear from you!
As The Arc develops its future planning resources online, we want to learn more about the help that you need. Participating in this survey is completely voluntary.