FASD Prevention Project Peer Learning Community

We'll have more on an upcoming Peer Learning Community soon. In the meantime, what is a Peer Learning Community? See below:

What is the goal of an FASD Peer Learning Community?

The overall goal of the FASD Prevention Project Peer Learning Community is for a group of healthcare professionals /providers to share promising practices on how to effectively communicate prevention methods to the women they serve. These prevention strategies are designed to educate women that there is no safe amount of alcohol to consume while pregnant.

What is a Peer Learning Community?

A Peer Learning Community (PLC) is an opportunity for a group of people with similar goals, interests, experiences, and jobs to ask questions and share their knowledge, advice, and resources with each other to discover new ideas and ways of doing things in addition to than their own. It is a collaborative way to engage in professional learning to expand knowledge and techniques with support and input from peers.

Groups can meet in person, via teleconference, or through online platforms. PLC’s are not a training or webinar with a presenter and participants. They are interactive and require lively discussion and sharing from participants. Prior to the PLC to help start discussion topics participants can submit discussion questions. PLC’s are best suited for small groups of no more than 15 colleagues and can meet one time or several times depending on the level and amount of content.