What is the National Conference of Executives of The Arc?

The National Conference of Executives (NCE) is a resource for chapter executives to continue their professional development in an environment of collaboration.

As a peer membership organization of nearly 700 executive directors and management staff, NCE provides essential training in professional development and offers support and mentoring for successful leadership. Members work collaboratively to better serve their organizations and their constituents.

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Special Interest Groups

Constituents with Peter Berns

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are online forums where NCE members can share specific knowledge, information, best practices, challenges, and solutions relating to their roles within their chapters and I/DD community. Each SIG is co-facilitated by NCE members and staff from The Arc's national office.

Thank you for your interest in joining a Special Interest Group (SIG).

Chapter Excellence Program Excellence
Board Governance for Executives
Facilitated by: Peter Berns, Marijo Rymer, and Richard Swierat
Business Development
Facilitated by: Steve McDonell and Angela Harkness
Development & Fundraising
Facilitated by: Robert Bennett, Trudy Jacobson, Laura Rahman, and Dave Tinker
Facilitated by: Jonathan Lucus and Rebecca White
Financial Management
Facilitated by: Feng Zhang and Chris Stewart
Family & Individual Supports
Facilitated by: Jenny Sladen and Nancy Murray
Media & Community Relations
Facilitated by: Sarah Bal, Kristen McKiernan, and Michael Chittenden
Supporting Self-Advocates
Facilitated by: Ilyse Kramer and Christina Smith
Board Governance for Board Members
Facilitated by: Peter Berns and Nancy Webster
Criminal Justice & I/DD
Facilitated by: Leigh Ann Davis and Wilfred Romero
Diversity & Cultural Competency
Facilitated by: Dawn Cooper and Peggy Terhune
Education & Early Intervention
Facilitated by: Ilyse Kramer and Valerie Williams
Human Resources
Facilitated by: George Suess
Facilitated by: Liz Mahar and Joseph Mengoni
Information Technology
Facilitated by: Abe Rafi and Steve McDonell
Pooled Special Needs Trust
Facilitated by: Robin Shaffert 
Supported Decision-making & Guardianship
Facilitated by: Robin Shaffert and Kerry Mahoney

Contact us at ncearc@thearc.org or 202-534-3700 with questions about Special Interest Groups.