HealthMeet® is a project of The Arc and is supported by Grant/Cooperative Agreement Number 6NU59DD00093-03-02 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a grant award of $667,000.

HealthMeet® leverages its national network of more than 700 Chapters, national disability organizations, public health systems, health professionals, university systems, and other key stakeholders to reduce health disparities and increase the longevity and quality of life for people with intellectual disability (ID) by providing free community-based health assessments and individualized recommendations for follow-up care. Assessments will focus on general health and body composition, vision, hearing, oral health, foot care, respiratory health, mental health and lifestyle factors such as diet and nutrition, physical activity, substance use, and access to health care.

HealthMeet® will also provide training and education for individuals, their families, direct service professionals, medical providers, and medical students and will raise public awareness of health issues that impact people with intellectual disability across the country.

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Karen Wolf-Branigin, Senior Executive Officer, National Initiatives
Liz Mahar, Program Manager, Individual & Family Support
Kerry Mauger, Manager, Special Projects
Jennifer Sladen, Program Manager, National Initiatives
Casey Nitsch, Director of Corporate, Foundation, & Government Support

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