Letter of Invitation

       Peter V. Berns
  Chief Executive Officer,
The Arc of the United States

    Lynne A. Cleveland
 President, The Arc of the 
       United States 

Dear Friends of The Arc:

The Arc’s 2010 National Convention will be the 60th anniversary of The Arc!  We are pleased to personally invite you to attend the 2010 National Convention, A Clear Way Forward, to be held in Orlando, FL from November 3 – 6.  The Arc’s 60th anniversary and the convention offers us an exciting opportunity to come together to celebrate the accomplishments of the past six decades and commemorate this remarkable moment as we write the next chapter in The Arc’s rich history.  This conference also offers us a chance to celebrate those who have made this work possible and encourage attendance of new and emerging leaders.

The Arc was there when no other resource existed for parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Sixty years later we remain standing on the frontlines—our arms linked in common purpose:  self-advocates, parents, siblings, professionals, direct support workers, and others to ensure that opportunities for full and enriching lives are the right of every individual.

How do we begin to write the narrative for The Arc’s future?  With our past as prologue, we will join together at Convention to share our vision for A Clear Way Forward.  This clarion call signals the energy and the action that our community is harnessing to build a strong foundation for the future of The Arc.

Your voice and unique perspective is key to putting a plan into action for addressing vital issues such as how we continue to bring essential direct services and advocacy to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Whether you’re an individual with an intellectual or developmental disability, family member, self-advocate, volunteer, staff member, or someone who cares about our community, your presence at Convention is crucial to building a stronger movement. 

Throughout the decades, allies of The Arc have come from diverse places but with a shared vision to create change for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  With renewed commitment to full participation and independence, we’ll gather from diverse quarters to gain strength through our renewed momentum.

Join us in Orlando to experience the passion and the energy on The Arc’s path to the future.  Be part of the progress™!
Peter V. Berns                 Lynne A. Cleveland
CEO                                  President

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