Non-Profits Legislative Agenda for the 112th Congress (2011-2012)

The voluntary and faith-based non-profit sector has provided, and must continue to provide, the overwhelming majority of services and supports for our constituents.  Disability related non-profits are assuming greater roles as state funding is reduced.  The non-profit sector must also be allowed to maintain its traditional role of advocacy.

The 112th Congress should:

  • Assure the continuing ability of private sector non-profit organizations to serve and advocate for people with disabilities and their families;

  • Assure fair eligibility for non-profit groups under any new charitable tax credit or deduction;

  • Assure that federal procurement rules not discriminate against non-profits and that non-profits are afforded the same privileges and benefits as small and minority businesses;

  • Support oversight activities that assure accountability by non-profits, while making certain that this does not place undue burdens on non-profits, does not duplicate existing requirements, and is coordinated with state oversight efforts; and

  • Oppose any provision that would limit the ability of non-profit organizations to engage in voter registration and outreach activities.

Legislative Agenda Partners

We are national organizations that serve and advocate for people with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities. We work together to shape, expand, and protect a strong federal role that provides vital benefits, services and supports and assures civil rights for our constituency.