Tax Policy Legislative Agenda for the 112th Congress (2011-2012)

In addition to the overall Revenue and Tax Policy discussed in Section II, there are some specific tax policies that are important to people with disabilities and their families.

Therefore, in enacting tax policy, the 112th Congress must:

  • Reject tax policies that that help only the most wealthy;
  • Allow a tax credit for individuals or their families who incur expense in meeting long term support needs;
  • Protect low-income taxpayers with disabilities from paying higher taxes;
  • Enable families of people with disabilities to stay intact, independent, and self-sufficient and allow families to fund tax-favored savings plans for long-term support needs which will not negatively impact eligibility for or benefits in government programs;
  • Provide incentives for the private sector to provide cost-effective supports for individuals with disabilities and their families;
  • Allow income tax deductions for charitable donations by non-itemizers;
  • Reject any provisions that would likely serve as disincentives to charitable donations; and
  • Support tax policy that promotes the employment of people with disabilities.

Legislative Agenda Partners

We are national organizations that serve and advocate for people with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities. We work together to shape, expand, and protect a strong federal role that provides vital benefits, services and supports and assures civil rights for our constituency.