Transitional Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Legislative Agenda for the 112th Congress (2011-2012)

The 112th Congress should improve the TANF program and take appropriate steps to address the growing poverty rates in our country.  The unique needs of the nearly 50% of TANF recipients who have disabilities and their families must be addressed.  Desired provisions include:

  • Improving screening and assessment for disability;
  • Securing appropriate supports and services, including employment and training services;
  • Allowing a more expansive understanding of the care of a child or other family member with a disability to be counted as a work activity;
  • Increasing state flexibility by giving states credit for their effort to provide rehabilitative and other services and supports over a longer period of time in order to assist more individuals with disabilities to return to work; 
  • Providing pre-sanction reviews to ensure that TANF recipients with disabilities are not improperly sanctioned for an inability to comply with TANF rules; and
  • Ensuring affordable and accessible transportation and other supports necessary to obtain and retain employment.

Legislative Agenda Partners

We are national organizations that serve and advocate for people with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities. We work together to shape, expand, and protect a strong federal role that provides vital benefits, services and supports and assures civil rights for our constituency.