The Arc Jacksonville

Project Name: On Campus Transition (OCT)

Contact Information:
Charlotte Temple
(904) 358-1200
1050 North Davis St.
Jacksonville, FL 32209

Project Goals

  • Track and monitor the number of students reaching their identified Program of Study goals in the area of Career Development; Health; Social Skills/Personal Growth; and Independence Skills;
  • 100% of OCT students will be referred to Vocational Rehabilitation Services;
  • 100% of OCT students will complete in-depth career assessments;
  • 100% of OCT students will self-identify career preferences;
  • 100% of OCT students will develop and create resumes that reflect their self-determined choices;
  • 100% of OCT students will receive job development and interviewing training;
  • Students will self-determine career choices;
  • Track and monitor the OCT students who met training goals of vocational rehabilitation’s On the Job Training (OJT) program and transition to VR’s employment services as they exit OCT; and
  • Track and monitor the number of students meeting their goals in the areas of: budgeting, transportation, connection to the community, managing time, shopping, cleaning, and living independently.

Project Description

The Arc Jacksonville and the University of North Florida (UNF) have partnered to provide an inclusionary college experience for individuals with intellectual disabilities for the past four years. The program is called On Campus Transition (OCT) and offers the opportunity for 24 young adults to exit high school with their peers and enter a post secondary setting to prepare for adult life in the community. For individuals with intellectual disabilities this is an option that has not been possible in the past. Independence, self-determination, an opportunity to prepare for a career, learn about oneself, expand horizons, and connect with the greater community – a time of growth and expansion is what transition to adulthood is all about. Each student that enters OCT develops an individual Program of Study (POS) based on their career goals and desires for personal growth and enrichment. This POS guides the selection of courses that will be audited through the University, and how the student will meet other program components needed to complete their two or four year program. Volunteer, internship, and part-time work experience are components of the educational expectations. OCT students participate in campus cultural, sporting, and club activities to round out the college experience. All of the experiences received while in the college program are enhanced through the mentor program which encourages the pairing of matriculating students with OCT students in social, academic, and career settings. In addition, OCT students have the option to live in student suites housing, providing the opportunity to transition to independent living. High expectations are leading to improved transition outcomes. While there are between 150 – 200 programs in the US in post-secondary settings, OCT is one of only a very few that is a collaborative partnership with adult services.