The Arc of Mississippi

Project Name: Meaningful Daze

Contact Information:
Linda McDowell
(800) 717-1180
7 Lakeland Circle, Suite 600
Jackson, MS 39216

Project Goals

Development of a capacity building transition model for replication in local chapters.

Project Description

The Arc of Mississippi is the go-to organization in Mississippi for training, resources, and advocacy. This project builds on our reputation and relationships by pulling together collaborative partners who are or should be stakeholders in transitioning efforts around our state.

There are two areas of focus: building capacity in local chapters of The Arc of Mississippi, and building self-determination in families with transition-age children in order to facilitate better life outcomes. At the end, this project will culminate in a handbook for families and local chapters of The Arc to educate and empower them to guide and direct their own transitioning or transitioning within their community. This product will include predictors, outcomes according to research and measureable objectives, descriptions of the actual processes, challenges, celebrations, and anecdotal case-by-case reports of planning. This handbook will act as a guide to others for moving forward and offer real-life testimony to the value of the process.