NCE Distinguished Professional Achievement Awards

“Inspiring Leadership”

Executives of chapters of The Arc are working feverishly all over this country to make America a better place in which to live for people with cognitive, intellectual and developmental disabilities, along with their families, friends and communities. The NCE Award Program recognizes these executives for their outstanding efforts to fulfill the mission, core values and position statements of The Arc. Begun in 1980, the program honors the professional excellence and achievement of NCE members and those persons outside the membership who make significant contributions on behalf of our constituency.

Nominations Closed

The Distinguished Professionals Awards

The NCE Awards will be presented during The Arc's National Convention. 

The NCE Rising Star Award

This award recognizes someone in their first five years as executive director, president or CEO who has made significant contributions to their chapter. Learn more.

The Outstanding Professional Achievement Award

This award recognizes NCE members who live by the core values of the Arc by providing leadership resulting in a significant improvement in supports and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Learn more.

The Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes an individual who is not a member of the NCE and whose lifetime work has significantly contributed to the mission, core values and positions of The Arc. Learn more.

The Executive Excellence Award

This award is granted each year to an individual whose career exemplifies the fulfillment of the mission, core values and position statements of The Arc. This is the highest honor bestowed by the NCE. Learn more.

These awards are held in the greatest esteem in The Arc and among our peers. They represent an importance of the individual as well as the core values of our work.

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