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Project Name: SouthSTAR EcoSafe Processors

Contact Information:
Dan Strick
(708) 755-8030
1005 West End Ave
Chicago Heights, IL 60411

Project Description

This project will allow SouthSTAR to begin an electronics recycling program serving the Chicago area and northwest Indiana. The project will rely heavily on recycling of electronics from state and local government agencies, including schools. The project is expected to divert over 200 tons of e-waste per year and employ over 50 people with developmental disabilities.

Project Highlights

  1. The project will focus heavily on recycling electronics from state and local government agencies.
  2. It will be a collaborative project that utilizes and existing erecycling company to help set up our operations.
  3. Within one year of starting operations the project is expected to be certified by a nationally recognized electronics recycling organization.

SouthSTAR Services