AHRC Nassau

Project Name: AHRC eWorks

Contact Information:
Karleen Haines
(516) 546-7700
189 Wheatley Road
Brookville, NY 11545-2641

Project Description

.Our eXplore eRecycling project is the AHRC eWorks program. It is a small business that provides ewaste recycling solutions to our local community. In the last year, the program has hired five people with intellectual disabilities as employees. These employees are doing various processing tasks such as dismantling and sorting of discarded electronics for earth friendly recycling.

Project Highlights

  1. The eWorks program is able to provide small collection carts to various locations within our community. These carts capture various types of electronics that will be processed, dismantled and disposed of in an earth friendly way.
  2. The program is dedicated in hiring adults with intellectual disabilities; in addition to providing them with green tech skills that they may have not otherwise been exposed to.
  3. The program uses our reputation and strong community ties to share and market to schools, organizations, businesses, municipalities and families.

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