The Arc Knox County, Sunshine Services

Project Name: The Arc Recycling Program (ARP)

Contact Information:
Marguerite Johnson
3000 N. Central
Knoxville, TN 37917

Project Description

The Arc Knox County plans to leverage its existing relationship with Second Harvest Food Bank to create a new recycling program that provides employment opportunities for individuals with I/DD. Second Harvest generates a great deal of materials that can be recycled, primarily plastic and cardboard from boxes of donated food. The Arc Recycling Program (ARP) will hire workers to collect and process the recyclable items. With the assistance of a job coach, employees of this program will be working in the same warehouse as Second Harvest employees, which provides opportunities for friendships and natural supports to develop.

The ultimate goal of this project is to provide an employment experience to individuals with developmental disabilities in an integrated setting with a long-term goal of independent competitive employment. Initially, ARP will focus its recycling efforts on cardboard and plastic wrap; however, it hopes to expand its efforts by recycling aluminum cans and plastic containers as the opportunity presents itself.

Project Goals

As a recipient of the current grant offered by The Arc and The Alcoa Foundation, Arc Knox County plans to:

  • Partner with Second Harvest and other local agencies to launch a new recycling program that will not only benefit the individuals it serves, but the community as a whole
  • Provide job opportunities for 4-6 individuals with disabilities, all of whom will earn at least minimum wage
  • Engage Alcoa volunteers to assist with the implementation of this new community-based program

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