The Arc's Recycling Initiative

What is The Arc’s Recycling Initiative?

The Arc’s Recycling Initiative brings together Chapters of The Arc across the United States and experts in the employment, disability, and recycling fields to help develop or enhance recyclable waste management programs that offer inclusive, community-based employment opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).

What specific programs have been funded through this initiative?

Funds were awarded to 3 Chapters of the Arc across the United States to support the development or expansion of recycling programs.

Specific components of these innovative recycling employment programs include:

  • Creating a recycling program at a local food bank to collect plastic wrap and cardboard that is used to palletize bulk food donations.
  • Supporting a textile recycling and collection program based at a thrift store.
  • Supporting a bottle and can redemption center managed and run by individuals with I/DD.
  • Creating job-specific vocational training and skills development for individuals with I/DD who are working in these programs.
  • Employing people with I/DD at minimum wage or higher to carry out the recycling efforts in inclusive, community-based settings.
  • Educating the community about the importance of recycling as a means for environmental sustainability.
  • Creating volunteer opportunities for community members where these initiatives reside.

To carry out program activities, local Chapters will work with many different organizations, including:

  • Local Alcoa operations
  • Food banks
  • Civic organizations
  • Religious organizations
  • Municipal governments
  • Businesses and recycling vendors
  • Schools

For more information about specific programs:

Contact The Arc Recycling Team

Jonathan Lucus (202) 534-3706
Phuong Nguyen (202) 600-3483

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