Western Connecticut Association for Human Rights

Project Name: School-to-Community Transition Project

Contact Information:
Shirley Ricart
(203) 732-3540 Ext. 11
211 Main Street
Danbury, CT 06811

Project Goals

  • The goal of the project is to streamline existing practice to create a formal program specifically geared toward the transition from school to community;
  • An increase in the level of client satisfaction with their educational program;
  • An increase in the client’s ability to demonstrate understanding of the requirements for living independently, self-care skills, and to identify necessary supports; and
  • An increase in the number of independent living arrangements made;

Project Description

WeCAHR (Western CT Association for Human Rights) has been advocating for the civil and human rights of people with disabilities for over 30 years. WeCAHR helps children and adults with disabilities become successful, independent community members. Our trained professionals provide direct advocacy representation, counseling, education, training and support. Our agency works to help families/guardians obtain the services and support needed for the disabled to reach their full potential and live a safe, successful and happy life within their own community. We help clients identify appropriate education, employment, and residential living to help them become productive, engaged citizens. We fuse efforts with community agencies and providers to help ensure that clients obtain necessary supports to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be productive, engaged citizens.

Utilizing our existing services, we created a program base specific to transition. This grant permits us to strengthen the scope of our services to detail program practices in the following areas: transition, self-care and independent living, paid employment and work experience, and self-determination. The intent is to create purposeful, individualized program plans specific to transition from school to community.

The transition piece from school to community is one that involves many different components and therefore merits the involvement of various agencies and providers. Activities include advocating for the involvement of necessary providers and services while serving as a consistent resource throughout the life of the partnership or agreement. We will do this by creating a specific and purposeful plan for the client that will outline goals and steps to ensure the client achieves a successful transition.