The Arc Baton Rouge

Project Name: Out Community Life Program

Contact Information:
Mara England
(225) 356-0141
8326 Kelwood Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Project Goals

  • Students will identify and articulate life goals;
  • Students will define what the path to that career goal looks like;
  • Educational outcomes of the project include an increase in: academic training, vocational experience, volunteer experiences, agency collaboration, career education, and life planning through the development of a Personal/Professional Improvement Feed-Back Loop (PPIFL);
  • Students will successfully navigate through the LRS (Louisiana Rehabilitation Services) system with supports from the project staff;
  • Students will work with an employment agency;
  • Employment outcomes of the project include: an increase in employment status, job satisfaction, longevity of employment, number of hours employed, and methods of job attainment;
  • Students will lead the “person-centered futures planning” portion of their IEP; and
  • Independent living outcomes of the project include: an increase in self-awareness, self-advocacy, productive job training, knowledge of employment services, the ability to access public transportation and/or access to private transportation, and use of recreation and leisure facilities.

Project Description

The Arc Baton Rouge’s Job Placement Program assists students to secure employment; works closely with "work study" staff to identify students considered 'work ready', and facilitates their first exposure to the working world.

The focus of our project is building a bridge between school to the community and work for students with disabilities. A smooth transition from school to adult living enables the person to live as independently as possible. Individualized supports and services specific to the person’s needs allow participants to attain self-confidence in an age-appropriate environment. In addition to the introduction of the curriculum at the beginning of the spring semester of the person’s junior year, inclusive and interactive community-based experiences are provided; such as volunteering, jobsite tours, internships, job shadowing, and placements/coaching. Education of business leaders and the community; training classroom teachers; and providing support for students’ parents and their Circle of Influence are additional components of the project.