The Arc of San Francisco

Project Name: Transition Support Program

Contact Information:
Jacy Cohen
(415) 255-7200 Ext. 151
1500 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Project Goals

  • Transition from school-based to community-based services is seamless;
  • Parents/guardians embrace a person-centered approach to transition planning and work in partnership with The Arc and their transition-age youth to achieve employment and independent living goals;
  • Transition-age youth develop the skills they need to live independently, and to secure and retain meaningful work or paid employment; and
  • The Arc of San Francisco develops a baseline understanding of the transition-age youth that it serves through the Transition Support Program.

Project Description

The Arc of San Francisco has launched a Transition Support Program (TSP), in cooperation with the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), Project Search, Rotary’s Partners for Work Project, Support for Families of Children with Disabilities,, other community-based organizations and local employers. The target group for the TSP is young adults ages 18-22 who are still in school-based services within SFUSD. The TSP has two major components: Parental Involvement and Education and Transition-Age Youth Skill Building for Adulthood.

The Arc of San Francisco engages transition age youth and their caregivers by providing open houses, tours, school site visits, and other outreach efforts to enlighten them about community-based services. Parental involvement and education is mandatory for participant enrollment and follows an extended process by which families incrementally deepen their participation in person-centered transition planning. Parents and guardians are offered a monthly newsletter featuring tasks to develop specific skills and quarterly topical workshops that offer guidance, support, and structured activities for preparing their children, and themselves, for transition from school-based to community-based services.

The major component of the TSP is transition-age youth skill building for adulthood. Regular, structured activities for transition-age youth with developmental disabilities occurs within a stepped, curriculum which gradually integrates participants in community-based services, independent living, employment, and adult relationships.