National Staff

1825 K Street, NW, Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20006
(Phone) 202.534.3700 | (Toll Free) 800.433.5255
(Fax) 202.534.3731

Peter Berns Peter V. Berns
Chief Executive Officer
Shira Wakschlag Shira Wakschlag
Staff Attorney and Special Assistant to the CEO
Dawn Cooper Dawn Cooper
Manager, Diversity & Cultural Competence
Thuba Nguyen Thuba Nguyen
Chapter Outreach & Growth Associate
Ilyse Kramer Ilyse Kramer
Chapter Associate
Trudy Jacobson Trudy R. Jacobson
Senior Executive Officer,
Development & Marketing
Kristen McKiernan Kristen McKiernan
Senior Executive Officer, Communications
Bob Bennett Bob Bennett
Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving
Abe Rafi Abe Rafi
Director, Digital Strategy & Online Services
Sarah Bal Sarah Bal
Communications Manager
Laura Schroeder Laura Schroeder
Development Manager
Sarah Kennedy Sarah Kennedy
Development Associate
Mark Cannizzaro Mark Cannizzaro
Development Assistant
Casey Nitsch Casey Nitsch
Proposal Manager
Kevin Wenzel Kevin Wenzel
Web Producer
Emily Verwee Emily Verwee
Web Designer
Ieshia Kinney Ieshia Kinney
Marketing Associate, Events & Branding
Monica Sanjur Monica Sanjur
Marketing Associate, Programs
Darcy Rosenbaum Darcy Rosenbaum
Senior Executive Officer, Operations
Cindy Allen Cindy Allen
Operations Support Associate
Shaw Fodor Shaw Fodor
Director, Human Resources
Robin Helschien Robin Helschien
Membership Assistant
Brenda Walker Brenda Walker
Administrative Assistant
Solomon Lissanu Solomon Lissanu
Database Manager
William Washington William Washington
Feng-Zhang Feng Zhang
Finance Director
Karen Wolf-Branigin Karen Wolf-Branigin
Senior Executive Officer, National Initiatives
Jonathan Lucus Jonathan Lucus
Managing Director, Employment & Transition Services
Kerry Mauger Kerry Mauger
Training Coordinator
Phuong Nguyen Phuong Nguyen
Program Assistant
Katrina Burkgren Katrina Burkgren
Project Associate
Jennifer-Sladen Jennifer Sladen
Senior Program Associate
Kathryn Walker Kathryn Walker
Criminal Justice Fellow
Leigh Ann Davis Leigh Ann Davis
Program Manager, Justice Initiatives
Robin Shaffert Robin Shaffert
Senior Executive Officer, Individual & Family Support
Liz Mahar Liz Mahar
Program Manager, Individual and Family Support
Amy Goodman Amy Goodman
Co-Director, Autism NOW
Marty Ford Marty Ford
Senior Executive Officer, Public Policy
TJ Sutcliffe TJ Sutcliffe
Director, Income and Housing Policy
Annie Acosta Annie Acosta
Director, Fiscal and Family Support Policy
Julie Ward Julie Ward
Director, Health Policy
Amie Lulinski Amie Lulinski
Director, Rights Policy