Center for Future Planning™

What is Future Planning?

Couple with dogFuture Planning is creating a guide for a person with an intellectual or developmental disability (I/DD) to lead a good life as independently as possible. A plan is important throughout all stages of life and especially in the future after the parent or caregiver is no longer able to provide support.

Future planning is important for all families. Thinking about the future can be challenging and emotional. However, experience shows that adults with I/DD make a better transition from the family home when a future plan is in place.

A person-centered future plan should reflect the wishes of the person with I/DD, and also includes the wishes of parents, siblings, extended family members and friends, and other important people in the family network. The main focus of the plan should be the person with I/DD’s interests, preferences, and skills.

About the Center for Future Planning™

The Arc’s Center for Future Planning aims to support and encourage adults with I/DD and their families to plan for the future. The Center provides reliable information and practical assistance to individuals with I/DD, their family members and friends, professionals who support them and other members of the community on areas such as person-centered planning, decision-making, housing options, and financial planning.

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