Meet Our FASD Professionals


Leigh Ann Davis

Leigh Ann Davis, M.S.S.W., M.P.A.

With almost 20 years’ advocacy and program experience, Leigh Ann Davis is The Arc’s leading FASD expert. Most recently, she served on SAMHSA’s Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Center for Excellence’s expert panel and led the development of a national self-advocacy network for individuals with FASD (the SAFA Network) through a SAMHSA-funded grant. She has developed and tested a curriculum on preventing secondary disabilities associated with FASD as part of a CDC-funded effort, conducted focus groups to measure effectiveness of FASD prevention-related materials, and develops training and educational materials for The Arc. She co-authored an article on victims with FASD in the Journal of Psychiatry and the Law and has presented on this topic nationally. Leigh Ann provides technical assistance, program development, training, and direction on coalition-building efforts between diverse professional, parent and self-advocacy groups, and is committed to educating others about prevention of FASD and its secondary disabilities.