Board Governance for Board Members

Facilitated by:

Peter Berns, Nancy Webster

Thank you for your interest in joining a Special Interest Group (SIG).

SIG Description

You agreed to serve on the Board of Directors of your local chapter of The Arc because you believe in our cause – advancing the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and supporting their full inclusion in their communities. But as a board member, you are responsible for even more. There is executive oversight, financial and fiduciary responsibilities, legal and corporate compliance, strategic planning, fundraising and more to worry about. And this is your volunteer job! You are supposed to have fun and get some satisfaction out of it too. So how do you accomplish it all?

In this Special Interest Group we will explore the role of the Board of Directors and board members in governing a chapter of The Arc. You needn’t reinvent the wheel, as there is a wealth of experience and expertise throughout The Arc network. Come learn from your peers about how to fulfill your oversight responsibilities while also contributing to and sharing in the leadership of your organization. Join us!

SIG Facilitators

  1. Peter Berns

    CEO, The Arc, Washington, DC

    Peter V. Berns has been the Chief Executive Officer of The Arc of the United States since 2008. Prior to coming to The Arc, he had been Executive Director of the Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations since 1992. In addition, he served as Chief Executive Officer of the Standards for Excellence Institute since its inception in 2004.

  2. Nancy Webster

    Immediate Past President, The Arc's Board of Directors, IL

    Nancy Webster recently finished her term as President of the Board of Directors for The Arc of the United States. Her affiliation with The Arc began in 2001 when she served as a member of the Development Committee. In 2002, she was elected to The Arc’s national board and has served on and chaired the Development Committee and has served on the Governance and Rules Committee and the Task force on Affiliation and Growth, and chaired the Committee on the Future of The Arc.