Business Development 

Facilitated by:

Steve McDonell and Angela Harkness 

Thank you for your interest in joining a Special Interest Group (SIG).

SIG Description

The purpose of NCE’s Business Development special interest group is to create a space for discussions around creating businesses. Through discussions within and the activities proposed by this group, we hope to support and empower chapters to 1) start and sustain social enterprises to diversify funding sources, 2) provide inclusive employment opportunities and 3) educate and assist chapters in empowering self-advocates and families in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

SIG Facilitators


    President of the Board, The Arc of the Mid-Ohio Valley (The Arc of West Virginia), Parkersburgh, WA 

    Angela Harkness is the finanical manager for Hall Financial Advisors, LLC.  She has worked as a lender and business development officer for a West Virginia bank for several years. She has also worked in conjunction with Small Business Associations  and clients on business plans start-up small business.

  2. Steve McDonell

    Vice President of Information Technology, ACHIEVA, Pittsburgh, PA

    Steve McDonell serves on the Steering Committee of the National Conference of Executives of The Arc (NCE). Steve is a member of the Pittsburgh CIO Group and Pittsburgh CIO Forum Steering Committee and serves on the Advisory Board of Pittsburgh Technical Institute’s Information Technology program. A 2014 finalist for the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s CIO of the Year Awards, he has worked within ACHIEVA and other nonprofits to implement practical and cost-effective technology solutions in response to issues they have faced.