Criminal Justice and I/DD

Facilitated by:

Leigh Ann Davis and Wilfred Romero

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SIG Description

This group focuses on issues related to people with I/DD in the criminal justice system, as both victims/witnesses and suspects/offenders. A broad array of topics will be addressed depending on chapter need and interest. Examples of topics covered include training resources for criminal justice professionals, the use of ADA accommodations, serving victims of abuse and violence and death penalty issues.

SIG Facilitators

  1. Leigh Ann Davis

    Program Manager, Justice Initiatives, The Arc, Washington, DC

    Leigh Ann Davis, M.S.S.W., M.P.A.,oversees The Arc’s National Center on Criminal Justice and Disability. She has worked in the area of disability and justice issues since 1994 when hired by The Arc of the United States to direct a Department of Justice project of the national significance of educating people with intellectual disabilities and criminal justice/legal professionals about communicating with one another.

  2. Wilfred Romero

    Executive Director, The Arc Pikes Peak Region, Colorado Springs, CO

    Wilfred Romero has 26 years of experience leading nonprofit organizations that serve individuals with intellectual and disabilities. Wilfred holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Organizational Management and Human Resources. As a new Executive Director, Wilfred learned valuable lessons over the past two years that he would like to share with other new leaders to The Arc. Wilfred is passionate about leading quality programs, and believes that it is important to give new leaders tools for success early in their careers to benefit the organizations they work for.