Facilitated by:

Jonathan Lucus and Rebecca White

Thank you for your interest in joining a Special Interest Group (SIG).

SIG Description

This group will discuss Employment First philosophy as it relates to the greater demand for competitive, integrated employment as the overwhelmingly preferred option for working-age youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, regardless of the complexity or severity of their disabilities.

The main tenets of Employment First are that: Employment services are tailored and customized to a person’s needs, interests, and skill set with the ultimate goal of achieving long-term employment in a competitive business or organization, or self-employment; employment is at the prevailing wage, and never less than minimum wage; and the employee has ample opportunities to integrate and interact with his or her coworkers, the public, and/or customers without disabilities.

SIG Facilitators

  1. Jonathan Lucus

    Managing Director of Employment and Transition Services, The Arc, Washington, DC

    Jonathan brings over fifteen years of program administration experience. He has written language for Congressional legislation and has provided consultation to the United Nations, European Union, Department of State, Department of Health and Human Services, and various countries around the world.

  2. Rebecca White

    Director of Employment and Business Relations, The Arc Central Chesapeake Region, Annapolis, MD

    Rebecca White is an experienced project developer and manager. With The Arc Central Chesapeake Region, Rebecca creates opportunities for people with a disability to engage in their community, grow their careers, and challenge assumptions.