Realistic Job Preview Video (RJP)

This 10-12 minute closed captioned video provides an overview of the role of a direct support professional in working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. In a realistic and clear manner, it identifies what to expect on the job, the important qualities of an effective DSP, and both the rewards and very real challenges of this work. This information is provided by experienced DSPs. Information provided by peers is more likely to be considered and believed than information that is provided by leadership within the organization. When used appropriately this intervention has the potential to reduce annual turnover within organizations by as much as 20%.

The Realistic Job Preview is available through a licensing agreement. Chapters and individuals will sign the agreement and pay The Arc of the U.S. for one-year usage of the video.

Annual Access Fee

(based on size of chapter)

1–50 employees $100
51–250 employees $275
251–500 employees $450
501–1000 employees $600
over 1000 employees $750


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