Give the Gift of Stock, Bond or Mutual Fund

One of the most financially wise ways to give is through the transfer of stock. Donors have the capacity to allow stock, bonds or any other securities to be transferred as gifts to The Arc. Giving the gift of stock has significant benefits for the contributor. For example, if a security has appreciated in value, the holder may choose to donate it as a gift as part of a tax planning strategy (please consult a tax advisor for advice related to your personal circumstances).

Methods of Transferring Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds

  1. Most investors hold the stock in a brokerage account. Making a securities donation of a stock or bond is a simple process that can be affected electronically by the brokerage firm holding the security. To gift this security, the donor should initially contact The Arc (as described below) for information on The Arc’s brokerage account. The donor should then contact his or her broker (i) specifying the donor’s brokerage account in which the security is held; (ii) identifying the securities to be transferred and stating the securities to be transferred; (iii) providing the recipient information for The Arc of the United States account, that will be provided to you upon contacting The Arc’s Finance Manager (see below).
  2. Mutual Funds follow a re-registration process. The Arc can assist with this process by providing you and your mutual fund company (or broker holding the shares) with The Arc’s registration information. Generally, the re-registration process takes between one and three weeks to complete, and is processed by the mutual fund company. The shares specified by the donor are re-titled into The Arc’s title, and the donation is then recorded. The process generally involves a letter of instruction that specifies the shares and The Arc’s information, although each mutual fund company or broker may require different procedures.

** If your securities are in certificate form, please contact your broker and we would be happy to provide instructions to handle the transfer/endorsement procedures.

Finance Manager
The Arc
1825 K St. NW, Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20006

Feel free to contact The Arc if you have any questions.

Please let The Arc know that securities are being transferred as a donation; include the type and number of shares that will be transferred. This ensures that we credit you properly and issue the receipt you will need for tax purposes.

For more information about how to transfer securities, please contact Trudy Jacobson in the Development office at 202-534-3714 or via email (

Stock Transfer Instructions:

Bank: US Bank, N.A.
DTC#: 2803
Account Name: The Arc of the United States - Gift
Account#: 9424048

Contact Person:

John Sharkey  
Phone: 410-537-5364
Address: Brown Advisory
901 S. Bond Street
Suite 400
Baltimore, MD 21231

Not sure if you want to give a gift of stock? Please consider making a one-time gift to The Arc!

Thank you for your generous support of The Arc!