Disability Professional Resources

Disability Professional and clientAs a disability professional, you play a key role in educating people with disabilities, families, and your community about health issues.

In the links below, we provide you information to educate people with disabilities and their families about health issues and encourage them to be healthier; to learn about and replicate programs to train health care providers and medical/nursing students to provide better health care to people with disabilities; and to promote courses designed for health care providers to learn more about the health status of people with disabilities.

If you have any questions about these resources or if you want to incorporate these programs at your practice, contact Kerry Mauger at mauger@thearc.org.

Become a Trainer for People with Disabilities

HealthMeet offers disability professionals the opportunity to become HealthMatters trainers. HealthMatters trainers learn how to start a tailored 12-week exercise and nutrition program that will empower people with I/DD to take control of their own health. HealthMatters is an evidence-based training developed by the University of Illinois at Chicago. If you are interested in becoming a HealthMatters trainer, contact Kerry Mauger at mauger@thearc.org.

Promote Online Courses to Health Care Providers

HealthMeet and the Association of University Centers on Disabilities developed several resources for health care and public health professionals to learn about health issues impacting people with disabilities. You can promote these courses to local health care providers, medical/nursing students, and public health workers.

Courses developed include:

  •  A series of 4 online courses that overviews competencies that public health programs should include to ensure that people with ID are included in programs.
  • 2 online courses for nursing/medical students about the health of people with intellectual disabilities (ID) and how to communicate with people with ID. These modules provide case studies, links to academic research, and practical tools to future and current health care providers.

What Else Can I Do?

Check out our webinar archive and health resources to learn more about health issues impacting people with ID.

Also, because of your key role in providing resources to families and your community, we encourage you to check out our self-advocacy, family, and health care provider resource pages.