Information for Lawmakers

You have dedicated your career to being an advocate for your constituents. As you probably know, many of your constituents are either individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability (I/DD) or know someone who is living with I/DD. You have an opportunity to join with us now to help secure full participation and inclusion for people with I/DD, and we’re glad you’re here!

The Arc is an organization connecting people with disabilities, their families, professionals and others (like you!) to create opportunity for hope, growth and positive change. We are a peerless advocate for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, preserving and protecting their fundamental rights through advocacy and action in support of legislation for education, employment, housing, long-term services and supports, and more.

The Arc works at the federal and state level to educate policymakers of the vast unmet needs of people with disabilities. We can mobilize our approximately 700 chapters, affiliates, self-advocates, families and other supporters to be active players in creating and changing public policy. No other organization servicing people with I/DD come close in terms of the breadth and depth of The Arc’s reach into local communities.

You can help us by learning more about I/DD, finding out what we’re doing on a national and local level, understanding the positions we take on various critical issues and letting us connect you with people who are living with I/DD.  We are counting on you to help your constituents protect and expand the services they need.

We invite you to explore our site, connect with our chapters, become a member, and utilize any of the resources we can provide to help you better understand I/DD.