What is the National Conference of Executives of The Arc?

The National Conference of Executives (NCE) is a resource for chapter executives to continue their professional development in an environment of collaboration.

As a peer membership organization of nearly 700 executive directors and management staff, NCE provides essential training in professional development and offers support and mentoring for successful leadership. Members work collaboratively to better serve their organizations and their constituents.

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The NCE of The Arc Chapter Leadership Development Program 

The Arc and the NCE Steering Committee have recognized the need for continued professional development that would be available to all chapter staff of The Arc. With the inception of the NEW NCE of The Arc Chapter Leadership Development Program this effort has become realized. Through self-paced learning, interactive webinars, informative trainings, and our most valuable resource: our experienced staff members, employees, at any level, will benefit.

Designed to bridge communication lines across our chapter network, and enhance each other, this program features five components:

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  • The Arc Connection is an online training portal that is uniquely designed to cater to the needs of our growing professional staff.
  • Special Interest Groups are online discussion forums that allow chapter staff to connect to one another and share best practices and solutions to governance and management issues.
  • Standards for Excellence are an informative set of guidelines that promote high standards of ethics, effective management, and accountability in nonprofit governance.
  • Summer Leadership Institute is an annual event takes place over 2-3 days during the summer and is designed to foster a community of mentorship and networking amongst chapter executives and staff.
  • Pre-Convention is an opportunity for chapter staff and chapter executives, from across the country, to meet in person, network and attend presentations and workshops that are unified by a specified theme.

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