Quality of Services Legislative Agenda for the 112th Congress (2011-2012)

The federal government has an important role in ensuring quality services.  This includes ensuring that services are based upon principles of maximizing independence, self-direction, and a person-centered community-supported life, while providing for health and safety.    The federal government should be fulfilling its role in monitoring and enforcement of the quality of services to our constituents. 

In order for this to happen, the 112th Congress must:

  •  Assure high quality services, supports, and access in all programs serving our constituents in which federal funds are used;

  • Require federal agencies to include families, people with disabilities, service providers, and Developmental Disabilities Act programs in all aspects of development and assessment of quality;

  • Require training and technical assistance to states in order to implement comprehensive systems of person-centered quality assurance;

  • Assure that people with disabilities, through enforceable standards, have the option to hire or fire their own staff and have a voice in how the service system operates;

  • Maintain, strengthen, and, where appropriate, modernize federal monitoring, oversight, and enforcement roles.  The federal role must assure assessment of consumer outcomes and satisfaction to assure appropriate outcomes for beneficiaries, as well as upgrade and enhancement of  data collection and management information systems;

  • Strengthen federal enforcement mechanisms to include criminal, civil, and/or financial sanctions for states, communities, and other entities that violate federal requirements;

  • Assure a well-trained, well-compensated, and stable workforce to support people with disabilities and their families by enacting legislation and increasing financial support to provide pre-service and in-service training of professionals and other workers to meet the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities;

  • Require the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to develop and publish a comprehensive annual report to Congress on state-level consumer satisfaction and outcomes; and

  • Require CMS to publish annual data on health and safety and quality oversight of services, including ICF/MR and home and community-based services programs.

Legislative Agenda Partners

We are national organizations that serve and advocate for people with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities. We work together to shape, expand, and protect a strong federal role that provides vital benefits, services and supports and assures civil rights for our constituency.