DD Act State Grants—Councils on Developmental Disabilities

Why the Program is Needed

Despite significant advances in the last few decades in programs and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), there remain many barriers to the full inclusion of people with I/DD in society.  Specific barriers vary considerably by state and local community.  The state councils are a voice in state government to advocate for policies to promote self-determination and inclusion for people with I/DD and their families.

What it Does

Provides grants to states to identify and address the most pressing needs of people with developmental disabilities in their State or Territory.  DD Councils address these needs through cost effective systems change and capacity building efforts that promote self-determination, integration and inclusion for people with developmental disabilities.  They  promote the independence and productivity of people with developmental disabilities through systems change to eliminate inequities in areas such as education, access to healthcare, and employment. At least 60% of Council members must be people with developmen­tal disabilities or family members.

Authorizing Legislation

Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act (42 U.S.C.15025)

Recent Funding

Please see the table on the Funding for Federal Disability-related Programs page.

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