IDEA Preschool Grants

Why the Program is Needed

Under the IDEA part B state grant program, states are not required to use state grants for students age 3-5 if services are inconsistent with state law or practice or the order of any court. This leaves a significant funding gap for students with disabilities in extremely important, formative years of their childhood. This grant program, mandated exclusively for 3-5, fills that funding gap, and provides for the free and appropriate education for all students. In FY 2006, this program served 704,087 children.

What it Does

Provides grants to states to make special education and related services available to children with disabilities, ages 3 through 5.  At their discretion, states may include preschool-age children who are experiencing developmental delays who need special education and related services. Funds are used for such services including but not limited to salaries of special education teachers, speech-language pathology services, physical and occupational therapy, psychological services, parent counseling and training, and social work services in schools.

Authorizing Legislation

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (20 U.S.C. 1419)

Recent Funding

Please see the table on the Funding for Federal Disability-related Programs page.

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