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Be prepared to get involved this election season! Nonprofit VOTE's webinar series fills an information void on voting and elections in the nonprofit sector. Webinars are free of charge for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. They are recorded and made available on-demand online, along with the PowerPoint presentation and audio file.

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Thursday, Aug. 30th: Poll Worker Recruitment for Nonprofits

Poll workers are on the front lines of helping people vote on Election Day. This year, many states have new laws around ID requirements and voting procedures, so poll worker recruitment and training will be critical to the Election Day experience. Your nonprofit can ensure that poll workers represent and are familiar with your community by encouraging staff, volunteers, and constituents to serve as poll workers. In many areas, translators are also needed to assist non-English speaking voters by translating voting information and answering questions. Learn how your nonprofit can help facilitate democracy in your community by recruiting poll workers, translators, and poll monitors. Join us to learn how you and your members can ensure all voters can access the ballot box this fall.

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Tuesday, Sept. 11th: National Voter Registration Day: Get Involved!

On September 25th, 2012 thousands of nonprofits, businesses, and volunteers across the country will band together for National Voter Registration Day--an effort to encourage and assist all Americans to register to vote ahead of the November 6th presidential election. Join us to learn how your nonprofit can participate in this nationwide effort and utilize the opportunity to help register your clients, constituents, and community members.

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Thursday, Sept. 20th: Nonprofits Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

Learn what your nonprofit can do in the days and weeks leading up to Election Day to help ensure that your clients, constituents and community members have the information they need to successfully cast a ballot. Discussion will focus on strategies and tactics for nonpartisan, nonprofit Get Out The Vote efforts.

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Thursday, Oct. 11th: Nonprofits Mobilizing for Voter Engagement

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Thursday, Oct. 25th: Get Ready for Election Day

The last few days leading up to Election Day and Election Day itself are a crucial part of any voter engagement strategy. Find out what you need to know to be prepared for this important final push. Discussion will focus on Get Out the Vote efforts and election protection.

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