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Lincoln Memorial
The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC
Don’t Miss Your Chance to Go Global – Register Now for the National Convention & International Forum

The Arc’s National Convention & International Forum October 25-28 will be a can’t-miss opportunity to get a global perspective on the disability movement. Partnering with Inclusion International for the first time, the event will include sessions on living in the community, leadership, self-advocacy and creating change with an international twist. And do you know who Judy Heumann is? Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from this internationally recognized leader in the disability community and a lifelong civil rights advocate. But it’s not all work and no play - come prepared for a fun-filled weekend including a red carpet event and a closing evening dance celebrating traditional hand dancing, also known as D.C. Swing. Learn more about the schedule for the Convention and International Forum.

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Jack Markell Proud Member of The Arc eXplore eRecycling
A New National Spotlight on Employing People with Disabilities What Are You For? Be For The Arc! The Arc Launches eXplore eRecycling Sustainability Efforts
In July, Delaware Governor Jack Markell was named Chair of the National Governors Association and he announced that during his year-long term, his Chair’s initiative will be increasing employment among individuals with disabilities.

The Governor’s plan will focus on getting appropriate training, job placement, and work-based support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Additionally, he plans to work with the business community to create best practices to ensure future employment opportunities.

The Arc fully supports Governor Markell’s efforts and applauds his work on behalf of individuals with I/DD and other disabilities. To learn more about the Governor’s plan visit our blog.

These days it seems like everyone is “against” something. They protest against tyranny, injustice, “the system.” They rail against corporate greed, pollution, and the disease du jour. Sometimes you’re not even sure what they’re against, but it’s something big.

Here’s your chance to break away from the crowd and be “for” something rather than “against.” If you haven’t already, join The Arc in the movement for people with I/DD. Show the world you support the basic human right of everyone to live, learn, work and play as valued, contributing members of their communities.

And membership means discounts to events such as our National Convention, special offers from our partners, free publications, and more. If you’re not already a member of The Arc, consider becoming a member nationally or through a local chapter today.

The Arc is launching its “eXplore eRecycling” initiative, funded by a $465,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation. Through the initiative, 10 chapters of The Arc will be awarded funds to help develop or enhance electronic waste management programs that offer community-based employment opportunities for people with I/DD.

The eXplore eRecycling initiative is a wonderful chance to show how individuals with I/DD can excel in cutting edge jobs while earning competitive salaries. By bringing together the disability and the e-recycling communities, The Arc hopes to create more employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Integrated Employment, One Window Frame at a Time
Individuals with I/DD are capable of succeeding in integrated work settings and participating in their communities, and local chapters are making this a reality across the country.

Take The Arc of Northern Chesapeake Region - they have been working with local businesses for years to provide employment opportunities to their constituents, including Acadia Windows and Doors which has been a partner with them since 2005. Currently, there are five individuals with I/DD employed by Acadia, each working in an integrated work environment and earning competitive salaries. Read what Acadia management has to say about employing people with I/DD.

Celebrating the Social Security Act!
Happy 77th Anniversary Social Security Act! To some you may be just another law, but to individuals with I/DD and their families, you mean the world!

You provide benefits to over 11 million people with disabilities, their spouses, and children. You are so much more than just another law, you can be our lifeline. You continue to reduce poverty and provide a much needed protection for individuals with I/DD and their families. We tip our hats to you, Social Security. Find out more about why The Arc is celebrating 77 years of the Social Security Act on our blog.

“Just-A-Buck” is More than Just a Bargain in Southern California
Our chapters are constantly finding innovative ways to support individuals with I/DD and promote their full inclusion in the community. With Department of Labor statistics stating that only 17.8 percent of Americans with a disability are employed, The Arc of Los Angeles & Orange Counties took it upon themselves to find a place for individuals with I/DD to work.

Last month, they had the grand opening of a “Just-A-Buck” store franchise that they purchased. The store will employ a number of individuals with I/DD earning salaries at or above minimum wage, along with employees without disabilities. To learn more, check out this blog post from Kevin P. MacDonald, Chief Executive Officer of The Arc of Los Angeles & Orange Counties.

Creating Awareness and Acceptance in Ohio
The Arc’s chapters are the heart of our mission. Reaching communities across the country, our chapters are not only service providers and advocacy groups - they help promote our mission at the local level. In Ohio, The Arc of Summit and Portage Counties has been educating students and community members for almost 30 years through a disability awareness program called “People Together.” The intent of this program is to educate and sensitize participants toward people who have various disabilities. Over the years, the program has grown and is now implemented in all grade levels (PreK-12). To learn more about People Together, visit our blog.

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