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Targeted Outreach and Recruitment

Uniting multiple referral sources into a single stream of talent, combined with our own knowledge of community resources, The Arc@Work is able to source a large number of candidates with diverse skill sets.

The Arc@Work can support employers in their targeted outreach efforts by providing the following services:

  • Assisting companies to identify, build, and sustain relationships with local community partners (e.g. state agencies, disability and workforce development entities, high schools, colleges, and employment networks
  • Distributing job announcements
  • Supporting and marketing job fairs
  • Sourcing and referring candidates to company’s employment application portal
  • Sourcing and referring candidates for job training, work study, internships, and job shadowing programs
Employer Staffing Solutions

Through proven in-person interviewing practices and on-line talent development software, The Arc@Work is able to gain a complete understanding of a candidate’s skills and abilities.

Training & Talent Development

When applicable, The Arc@Work partners with employers to conduct classroom and on-the-job training for candidates to increase long-term success.

Placement Services

Through our on-boarding process where we work closely with hiring managers and team members, The Arc@Work provides the right talent for the right job.

Contract Staffing Services

The Arc@Work has the ability to support companies’ specialized staffing needs. We provide this support through short-term or long-term contract engagements.

Follow-up Services

To ensure newly hired employees are able to maintain workplace success, The Arc@Work provides continual support and technical assistance to both the employee and the company they work for.

Accessing Public Funding Resources

With our expert knowledge of state supported funding such as Vocational Rehabilitation, Medicaid Wavier funding, and available tax credits to employers, The Arc@Work can help corporations save money on staffing costs.


Through an exclusive partnership with Specialisterne, The Arc@Work provides corporations with trained, entry-level IT professionals. IT skills are developed in a four week credentialing program that supports U.S. companies find skilled computer analysts, software testers, data entry specialists, and programmers.

Training and Consultation
For Companies
Disablity Awareness Training

Utilizing its 60 plus years of knowledge in the intellectual and developmental disability field, The Arc@Work provides corporations in-person staff training to increase disability awareness and workforce integration.

In-Person and On-line Training on Selected Topics:

  • Autism and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD)
  • Introduction to the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Effective hiring practices for people with Autism and I/DD
  • Accommodation of employees with Autism and I/DD
  • Disability Competency
  • Other customized topics
Organizational Policies and Procedures Consultation
  • Confidential assessment of accessibility of job portal and application process to people with cognitive disabilities
  • Confidential assessment of employee satisfaction with accommodations/supports
  • Support with designing, planning, and implementation of:
    • Outreach strategies
    • Job applications and interview processes
    • Onboarding and ongoing accommodation and support procedures
    • Retention and effectiveness support methodologies
Regulation Required Evaluation and Reporting Services

In order to help corporations meet the 503 requirements, The Arc@Work offers evaluation and reporting services to ensure constant performance feedback is available both to the company and to the federal government.

For Newly Hired Employees
On-Boarding Planning & Support

To ensure a seamless transition into a new job, The Arc@Work provides newly hired employees comprehensive training and support throughout the recruitment, assessment, and placement process.

Long-Term Retention and Effectiveness Support

To reduce turnover, The Arc@Work provides on-going job support to newly hired employees through communication with HR and managers and one-on-one sessions with the employee as needed for the first three months on the job.


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