Pathways to Justice®: Ideas for Funding

The Arc’s National Center on Criminal Justice and Disability® is offering the Pathways to Justice® Training Program at an affordable cost to interested chapters of The Arc, public defenders, prosecutors, victim services organizations, and other criminal justice professionals. Some organizations already receive some level of support to provide criminal justice-related advocacy, training and services, while others are completely new to this area. Interested organizations can use the list below to explore potential funding streams to support conducting a Pathways to Justice training in their community, as well as various criminal justice-related initiatives. For more information, contact NCCJD’s Director, Leigh Ann Davis at

State or Local Bar Associations
Most state bar associations, and some local bar associations, have a bar association foundation that provides grants for trainings on legal issues. Be sure to emphasize the Pathways to Justice attorney module and the benefit to the local legal community.

State or Local Developmental Disabilities Council
State Developmental Disabilities Councils often offer small grants for trainings and events to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Be sure to look at what their requirements are and be mindful of the timeline required.

State Protection and Advocacy Organization
Your state Protection and Advocacy organization may have information on grant or other funding opportunities for training on disabilities.

Local Universities/Law Schools
Local universities and/or law schools may be interested in partnering to host training for their community’s law enforcement, attorneys, and victim services providers. Many law schools have criminal justice programs or disability rights programs that may be particularly interested. Universities may be able to provide funding, assist with providing CLE/CEU credits, and provide expertise on relevant issues. Some offer grants for general funds, which can be used for Pathways to Justice training or other needs.

Law Firms
Local law firms could be interested in sponsoring training. Find their pro bono or community outreach contact for information. Some law firms also have their own foundations to fund public interest initiatives.

Local Community Foundations
Each foundation will have its own restrictions about what it will fund, but it never hurts to check (especially because it would be great for you to be closer to community foundations in general, and the foundation staff may have suggestions about where else to look). You should look to see whether the foundation has ever funded anything related to disability or criminal justice before, whether the foundation will fund training, and what their timeline is for accepting proposals or letters of interest.

Download the PDF of Pathways to Justice®: Ideas for Funding here.