Competency/ Insanity


If the court finds that there is a question as to competency,  an evaluation must be conducted; procedure for determination of competency generally. 22 Okl. Stat. Ann. § 1175.3.



Special Rules

Mental Health Courts may be established to explore alternatives to incarceration for mentally ill or developmentally disabled.  22 Okl. Stat. Ann. § 472.


Oklahoma Community Sentencing Act – provides for a variety of alternative sentences when particular conditions are met. 22 Okl. Stat. Ann. §§ 988.1 through 988.25.  

Death Penalty



Prison accommodation: Special unit created to house elderly, ill, and disabled. 57 Okl. Stat. Ann. § 509.6.

Prison education: Corrections must test each inmate to find out their educational proficiency and educational needs. 57 Okl. Stat. Ann. § 510.7.