Competency/ Insanity 


No person shall be tried, sentenced, or punished if they lack capacity. Wyo. Stat. § 7-11-302


A person is not responsible for criminal conduct if at the time of the criminal conduct, as a result of mental illness or deficiency, he lacked substantial capacity either to appreciate the wrongfulness of his conduct or to conform his conduct to the requirements of law. As used in this section, the terms mental illness or deficiency mean only those severely abnormal mental conditions that grossly and demonstrably impair a person's perception or understanding of reality and that are not attributable primarily to self-induced intoxication. Wyo. Stat. § 7-11-304

Special Rules



Offender having I/DD is mitigating factor in sentence.  Wyo. Stat. § 6-2-102

Death Penalty

If the court finds that the convict does not have the requisite mental capacity, the judge shall suspend the execution of the convict. Thereafter a designated examiner shall reexamine the convict at least every twelve (12) months at the direction of the court. After two (2) annual examinations the court may suspend reexamination of the convict. Wyo. Stat. § 7-13-903