Autism Acceptance is… more than a diagnosis

This year, in celebration of Autism Acceptance Month, The Arc and The Autism NOW National Autism Resource & Information Center invite everyone to tell us what Autism Acceptance is to them. How does the world look to you when people with autism are fully included and embraced for who they are? What progress has society made already, and what still needs to be done? With the CDC declaring that 1 in 68 children may be impacted by autism spectrum disorders (ASD), it’s a fair bet that you know someone with autism or someone who has a family member or friend with autism. As we continue to advocate with and empower people with ASD, we want to show you what Autism Acceptance means to The Arc.

Throughout April, don’t forget to use #AcceptAutism and share it with us and all your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Over the four weeks of April, The Arc will feature how Autism Acceptance is part and parcel of four of our most important programs:

Autism Acceptance is… being able to travel and live life to the fullest.

Learn more about Wings for Autism

Autism Acceptance is… having a healthy and active lifestyle.

Learn more about Healthmeet

Autism Acceptance is... obtaining and keeping gainful employment.

Learn more about TalentScout and The Arc@Work

Autism Acceptance is… advocating for victims with disabilities in the criminal justice system.

Learn more about The National Center on Criminal Justice & Disability


Sample Materials

The 2015 Toolkit is full of useful and fun resources to ensure that your Autism Acceptance Month can be successful.