Gina Lebkuecher

Gina LebkuecherDevelopment Assistant

Gina Lebkuecher is The Arc’s Development Assistant for Corporate Sponsorship. She came to The Arc in 2016 as a Program Innovations Intern while completing a Master’s in Philosophy and Social Policy at American University. In her Master’s program, she studied applying philosophy and ethics to political and social issues, particularly with respect to protecting and promoting rights for underprivileged and marginalized groups, including people with disabilities.

After her internship, Gina joined The Arc as a Research Assistant, and later Development Assistant. Through her different positions at The Arc, Gina has worked in grant writing, project development, research, fundraising, and sponsorship. Currently she develops and organizes sponsorship opportunities and conducts sponsor outreach connected with The Arc’s major annual events. She is grateful that her work at The Arc allows her to do the meaningful and passion-driven work of advancing opportunities for people with I/DD.