Individual Working


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Local Employer Resource Network
Business Development
Program Development

Leveraging its national purview, The Arc@Work supports organizations in the creation of new programs based on the knowledge sharing of network best practices in workforce development.

Sustainability Strategies

Through individualized consulting services, The Arc@Work supports strategic planning that drives long-term organizational growth and sustainability by creating revenue generating, corporate service business models.

Capacity Building

The Arc@Work provides conceptual approaches to development that focuses on understanding the obstacles that inhibit people and organizations from realizing their development goals, while enhancing the abilities that will allow them to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

Workforce Development
Corporate Partnership Development

Through its national corporate relationship building efforts, The Arc@Work provides organizations with support to connect with businesses and access local career opportunities for their constituents.

Model Implementation

The Arc@Work delivers unique social enterprise models to help organizations attain higher performance with their community-based employment programs and to achieve higher outcomes.

Best Practices Consultations

Utilizing its national view point and in-house research, The Arc@Work offers organizations insight and support to implement more effective employment programs.


Through an exclusive partnership with Specialisterne, The Arc@Work provides corporations with trained, entry-level IT professionals. IT skills are developed in a four week credentialing program that supports U.S. companies find skilled computer analysts, software testers, data entry specialists, and programmers.

LERN (Local Employer Resource Network)

The Arc@Work’s LERN model helps develop of a consortium of local businesses, governmental agencies, and service providers to share resources, knowledge, and expense of building the skills and capacities of entry-level workers. This model focuses on the duality of the needs of workers to enhance skill-sets and employers’ needs to find and retain good employees.