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Presenting The Initial Findings of The Arc’s National FASD Project Health Professional Questionnaire

Karen Wolf-Branigin and Christopher (CT) Turner of The Arc of The United States will present the findings specifically related to healthcare professionals from the FASD Project’s 2014 Health Professional Questionnaire. The webinar will cover how your peers and their work sites currently address alcohol use with their patients/clients. You will learn what health professionals know about FASD Prevention, what barriers are preventing staff from speaking with their patients/clients, and what professions your peers believe need additional training around motivational interviewing and screening.

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Modifying FASD Prevention Strategies for Individuals with an FASD

This webinar will provide information on the provision of effective interventions for individuals with an FASD. Our focus will be on the importance of identifying individuals with a possible FASD to modify approaches in the home, educational, treatment, housing, and other settings to help reduce the incidence of alcohol exposed pregnancies. Learn how and why evidence based practices in the prevention of alcohol exposed pregnancies may need to be modified for those with an FASD. View presentation slides.

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Screening and Brief Alcohol Intervention: Effective Mechanisms to Prevent FASDs

This webinar will focus on the prevention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) through SBI. An overview of SBI will be provided followed by effective evidence-based models that can be readily accessed for current practice. View presentation slides.

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Developing Prevention: Lessons Learned From An International FASD Prevention Study

Dr. Tatiana Blachova describes a 10-year international research collaboration aimed at developing FASD prevention research in Russia, a country with one of the highest alcohol consumption rates. View presentation slides.

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Supporting Health Care Providers to Prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Dr. Mary DeJoseph, Adjunct faculty member at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and Leigh Ann Davis of The Arc addresses the challenges faced by health care providers in assessing their patients at risk. There is an overview of prenatal alcohol and its effects, information from current research, and resources for the professional. View presentation slides.

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