NCCJD provided the format to make connections and create working relationships with criminal justice professionals and disability advocates. Building our Disability Response Team out of these connections has allowed us to begin identifying and filling the gaps in our criminal justice system for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. - The Arc of Spokane
“Thank you” seems so little compared to the help The Arc and NCCJD have provided. You have cared about my son, taken the time to help him, and been a part of redeeming him from a frightening situation he was unable to fully comprehend––a situation his lawyer and the court liaison both stated could be life-threatening to him, given his physical and mental challenges.
As a young lawyer interested in disability rights work, I’ve found NCCJD’s resources extremely helpful in learning about how individuals with I/DD interact with the criminal justice system. Their work is necessary and invaluable in ensuring that these individuals are treated with fairness and dignity - Fellow at the ACLU National Prison Project
NCCJD's responsive and knowledgeable staff helped refer me to the resources and information I needed to better understand the unique aspects in my representation of my I/DD client, and those resources ultimately aided me in better representing my client - Genevieve J. Miller, Assistant Public Defender
I have worked for over 40 years with people with disabilities who experience abuse and violent crimes, and I’ve learned we can’t do this work alone. NCCJD has created a central place for tools, resources, training, and expertise. Where there was frustration and a feeling of hopelessness, there is now hope. Thank you NCCJD! - Shirley Paceley, Director, Blue Tower Training
I have been a law enforcement officer for 23 years, and the parent of a special needs child. I enjoyed this training. I felt that the instructors were very knowledgeable and showed their expertise in this area. I will be encouraging other detectives from my agency to attend this in the future. Thank you. – Pathways to Justice™ Participant from New Jersey

Conversation Guide and Pathways to Justice Model now available to accompany Pathways to Justice™ Video

This easy-to-use tool can be used to inform criminal justice professionals – law enforcement, victim service providers and attorneys – about the need for effective disability-related training in your state or community!

NCCJD’s new “Pathways to Justice™” video highlights challenges faced by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the criminal justice system. This powerful tool educates criminal justice professionals, including law enforcement, victim advocates, legal professionals and others in the criminal justice system about cracks in the system that can have devastating effects. Only 4 minutes long, it’s a great conversation starter to use with local police departments, victim advocacy agencies, prosecutor’s and public defender’s offices and others to introduce the topic and explain why effective, ongoing training is needed.

Video Transcript

Relias Learning
Relias Learning
NCCJD is partnering with Relias Learning to provide free online training on criminal justice and disability issues. More...

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Perske's List
See the list of people with I/DD convicted under false confessions. More...

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Competency of Individuals with I/DD in the Criminal Justice System: A Call to Action for the Criminal Justice Community
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