The Arc's School-to-Community Transition Initiative

What is transition?

Individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families are left withmany questions as high school comes to an end.

  • What’s next? 
  • What tools will I/we need to be successful in transitioning in to postsecondary education or employment?
  • As an individual with am I/DD, how can I make sure my wants and needs are voiced?

Transitioning from high school to post-secondary education or employment can be full of excitement, hope, and anticipation as well as challenges as individuals with I/DD deal with learning new skills, facing fears, and overcoming bias. Transition can seem like a frightening and overwhelming process but the possibilities are endless when individuals and their families are provided with the necessary support and tools.

What is the School-to-Community Transition Initiative?

Beginning in July 2009, over 50 Chapters in The Arc’s network of local and state chapters have participated in this initiative to further enhance their work with youth with I/DD, ages 12-23, that receive special education services and are preparing to transition from school to adult life. Outcomes for these programs include development of comprehensive transition plans while students are still in high school and connecting transitioning individuals with employment and post-secondary education opportunities. Projects include elements of inter-agency collaboration, a focus on enhancing community connections, and self-determination to help them successfully meet these objectives. 

Why is transition important?

People with I/DD and their families represent millions of potential employees, community members, taxpayers, and customers. When they successfully transition to employment or further education and lead self-determined lives fully integrated into their communities, we all benefit

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In addition to The Arc's work with The Arc's School-to-Community Transition Initiative, we are involved in several additional initiatives which may be of interest to you.

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