Nonprofit Membership

Our Nonprofit Membership Program provides opportunities for supporting nonprofit organizations to achieve their missions through collaboration with The Arc and connection to our broad and diverse network of partners—state chapters, local chapters, service providers, coalition partners, and more.

Ranging from advocacy-focused groups to providers of a wide variety of direct services, these partners reflect our support for people with disabilities regardless of age or diagnosis and offer a wealth of experience and expertise.

As a member of The Arc, we encourage you to connect within this network and share the valuable work you are doing on behalf of the disability community.

Your membership shows your support of our advocacy work and helps you stay current on information and resources from our field of experts and provides an opportunity for you to develop a working relationship with us that can support your research as it connects to positions of concern for The Arc.   

If your nonprofit is focused on those with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and serves the community regardless of diagnosis, you should consider becoming an affiliated chapter of The Arc.

Don't wait! Join or renew your membership with The Arc today and receive:

Nonprofit Membership: $1,600
  • Name and website link on member recognition site.
  • Subscriptions to Empower and The Arc's E-Newsletter.
  • Discount/member-rate attendance for up to two colleagues from the same organization to attend the annual Disability Policy Seminar, The Arc's National Convention and NCE Summer Leadership Institute. 
  • Early offering and discount of exhibit space opening at The Arc's National Convention.
  • 10% discount on ad in The Arc's National Convention program book.
  • Opportunity to be a co-convener or co-sponsor of a position statement or fact sheet related to The Arc mission and in which the member nonprofit has vested expertise.

Become a member of The Arc today!