Community Support Services, Inc.

Project Name: Pathways to Success

Contact Information: Sandra Ryan
(708) 354-4547 Ext. 163
9021 Ogden Ave.
Brookfield, IL 60513

Project Goals

  • 90% of the 20 students will have met 50% of their transition goals, outlined in the intake form in years 1 and 2;
  • 75% of the 20 students will have met an average of 80% of their transition goals, at the end of 3 years;
  • 75% of parents or guardians will have enrolled their family or their child(ren) in at least one new program or service as a result of their participation in the seminars;
  • 50% of the students will enter the vocational program at Triton College following their high school graduation;
  • 25% of the participants will enter a specialized employment program or service at the age of 21.5 years; and
  • 25% of the participants will become employed within 90 days after high school graduation.

Project Description

Community Support Services “Pathways” project is a new program designed to help ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities of high school age, and their families (parents/guardians and siblings) are prepared - as part of their educational experience - to take the steps necessary to find and retain employment and public benefits once they finish high school at age 22. It is a three-year transition program that includes a series of seminars and supports to the students ages 14-22, implemented in partnership with Proviso Area for Exceptional Chicago (PAEC), a School for Special Education in Maywood, Illinois.

The Program encompasses all of the following parts:

  • Full & equal access to community participation;
  • Self-determination & self-advocacy for increased opportunities and choices;
  • Awareness of cultural differences to accommodate all families;
  • School-family partnerships in decision making & transition planning;
  • Safe, equitable, positive, & supportive learning environments;
  • Transdisciplinary collaboration & consultation among professionals; and
  • Long-term support & follow up services.