Don't Cut Our Lifeline Medicaid Toolkit

Protect the Services You or a Loved One Rely On to Survive! Take Action Now!

Since the summer of 2011, Congress has considered several proposals to cut important programs to people with I/DD like Medicaid, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, and Medicare. The Arc’s advocates have been successful in blocking major changes to these programs. But our work is far from over –  we still face real threats to these lifeline programs. We need you to get involved!

The temporary deal to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling reached in October of 2013 still leaves many threats to our Lifeline programs and calls for advocates to continue the fight.  We must ensure that the entitlement programs (Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare) as well as the discretionary programs (such as housing, education, employment) that people with I/DD rely on to live in the community are protected.

We need you to continue contacting your elected officials and tell them, “Don’t Cut Our Lifeline!” Participate in their town hall meetings; visit their local offices; and invite them to meet families or to see your programs. Advocates like you sharing their stories have already made a great impact, we can’t afford to lose steam now.


Please use the following materials to facilitate your advocacy efforts:

Don't Cut Our Lifeline Stories

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