Information for People with Disabilities

You are the reason we work hard every day to create opportunities for your full inclusion in the community. That means supporting you:

  • to be healthy,
  • to have a quality education
  • to live where you choose and with the people you choose,
  • to work in a job that is important to you
  • to have friends and a social life that makes you happy and active

Opportunities for Support

Find a chapter of The Arc near you using our map and contact them about supports and services available to you and your family in your community.

Resources and Information

Check out the Medicaid Reference Desk for practical information about the Medicaid program in accessible language. And visit the Autism NOW website for a variety of resources from Autism NOW – the National Resource and Information Center. Also, explore other areas of and our blog to find information about diagnoses, public policy, events and more.

Self-Advocacy Resources

Join the National Council of Self Advocates of The Arc (NCSA) and be part of a group of leaders representing the full spectrum of ages and abilities across our national chapter network. This is your opportunity to be part of a group of self-advocates who will unite with a clear and strong voice to create lives that allow them – and you! – meaningful choices for a promising future.

  • Network – meet other self-advocates, face to face and online.
  • Help support the advocacy and programs of The Arc at all levels.
  • Development leadership skills through involvement in standing committees, ad hoc committees and task forces of The Arc and receive valuable training.

We welcome all individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are members of The Arc either at the local, state or national level.  If you don’t wish to join the Council, we welcome a contribution of support to help the Council achieve its goals.

The National Council of Self Advocates

Join the Council – Your membership in The Arc at the local, state, or national level allows you to join The National Council of Self Advocates for no additional cost. Not a member yet? Join The Arc here. Note: you must be a member of The Arc to join the Council.

Contribute to the Council – Donate to support the establishment and sustainability of this essential new program specifically for self advocates. You can contribute to this important program even if you have not yet decided to become a member.

Self–Advocacy Online

The Research and Training Center on Community Living (RTC) at The University of Minnesota and The Arc have partnered to support an innovative website specifically for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) to help them advocate for themselves and take charge of their lives. Self-Advocacy Online is a content rich, accessible online educational and networking tool developed by the RTC and promoted by The Arc.

Visitors to the site will discover multi-media lessons on a variety of topics such as living self-determined, healthy, contributing lives in their communities. The site includes a story wall of videos of self-advocates sharing their stories and a national listing of self-advocacy groups to connected people with I/DD both locally and nationally. One of many unique features of the site is the translation of research and other data-driven information into formats easily accessible to people with I/DD.

Leadership Roles

Our organization is led by parents, siblings and other family members of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and by people with I/DD themselves.  The Arc’s  Board of Directors currently includes these successful leaders who are self-advocates: Barbara Coppens from New Jersey, Joe Meadours from California, and Kurt  Rutzen from Minnesota. Together, we work for the inclusion of people with I/DD in all aspects of society.

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*Your membership in The Arc at the local, state, or national level allows you to join The National Council of Self Advocates for no additional cost.

More Information

As the nation’s leading advocate for all people with I/DD and their families, and the premier provider of the supports and services people want and need, we can help: