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The role of sibling to a person with an intellectual and developmental disability (I/DD) is as complex as it is inspiring. Many of us at The Arc know firsthand what it is like to grow up with a family member with I/DD. We understand and share the vision you have for a healthy and full life for your sibling.

The Arc brings together people with disabilities, their families, and dedicated professionals to create hope, growth and positive change. We strengthen people with I/DD, their parents, family members by connecting them across our national network of 700 community based chapters and through programs developed specifically for them.

The Arc’s National Sibling Council

The Arc’s National Sibling Council welcomes all siblings and those who support siblings who are members of The Arc either at the local, state or national level. The Council will offer opportunities for:

  • Networking – meet other siblings – face to face and online
  • Support and resources for those needing guidance in situations unique to their family (e.g.  introducing your sibling to your girlfriend and their family – or – caring for your sibling after your parents are not able to do so)
  • Celebrating the sibling relationship
  • Supporting the advocacy and programmatic efforts of The Arc at all levels (local, state, national)
  • Leadership development and training through involvement in standing committees, ad hoc committees and task forces

Join the Council – Your membership in The Arc at the local, state, or national level allows you to join The National Sibling Council for no additional cost. Not a member yet? Join The Arc here. Note: you must be a member of The Arc to join the Council.

Contribute to the Council – Donate to support the establishment and sustainability of this essential new program specifically for siblings. You can contribute to this important program even if you have not yet decided to become a member.

The Arc Partners with the Sibling Leadership Network

Sibling Leadership Network

The Arc and the Sibling Leadership Network (SLN) are partnering to support siblings by:

  • Connecting siblings on Facebook & Twitter and sibling specific blogs
  • Offering dedicated programming  for siblings at The Arc’s National Convention and other events
  • Offering distance learning programs on topics of interest to siblings, volunteers and professionals of The Arc 
  • Developing sibling support services at state and local chapters of The Arc
  •  Establish state and local chapters of the SLN.

Learn more about the SLN and become a member of a SLN chapter near you!

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*Your membership in The Arc at the local, state, or national level allows you to join The National Sibling Council for no additional cost.

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